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Mutant Tomato Vines Ready for Harvest Teasel Le Moulin de Rochet The Family The House A Donkey Vineyard Walking through Vinyards Heather Please tell me what this is Clover Praying Mantis Flower head Hunting Reserve Walk in Woods Shaded Track Vineyard and Farm Vineyard down to Lake Blue Flower type Thing Large Fungus rolling Meadow Pink Weed Pink Weed Please tell me what this is Please tell me what this is Please tell me what this is Please tell me what this is Flower Meadow Picking Flowers Flower Meadow Flower Meadow Red Berries Daisy type things Saint Ferme Moulin de Rochet Figs on Tree Fig Tree Heavy Traffic L'abbye de St Ferme St Ferme Window St Freme Bell Tower L'abbye de St Ferme Purple Things Chestnuts Bouquet Scary Closeup Enjoying the Sun Rauzan Rauzan Gun Port Rauzan Arrow Slit Rauzan Well Rauzan Entrance Rauzan - Modernised Rauzan - Gate St Emilion - THE View St Emilon - Cloisters St Emilion - Cloisters Faded painting in Cloisters St Emilion - Cobbled Street St Emilion Underground Church St Emilion - Exit St Emilion Vinevaryds St Emilion - Distant Spire St Emilion - Gate Looks like a Keep Masonary St Emilion - Tower St Emilion - Statue Ghostly Galleon